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Feeling very inspired to write lately is paired with the unfortunate circumstance of my flash drive being missing. There was quite a bit of writing on it (as well as my story outline/timeline that I'd spent so long on) and I feel like a piece of me is missing now. Some of my writing was saved on my computer, but the most recent stuff was not. Along with that, I'm taking care of my 2 month old daughter a good deal of the time, and while I have time to check my email and things like that, sitting down to write for extended, uninterrupted creative flow is not possible at the moment.
So everything's on hold for now until I either find my flash drive, or have the time to go back and retype the stuff I lost, or both.
Oh well, that's life! lol
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mistressjera Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2008
Ooh, I hope you find it! I would be depressed forever if I lost all my writings. I recommend getting an external hard drive if you can, when my computer got fried knowing I had all of my data backed up was the only thing that kept me sane.
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November 28, 2008