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April 18, 2009


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It's typical that when I finally get inspired and ready to write and excited about getting my VtM story somewhere other than in my brain... Life decides that my living conditions need to be revised. I'm not gonna go into details, it's kinda personal, but I've had to move in a hurry and been very busy over the last month. I've had time to write here and there, but the stress I've been under had put the kabosh on any inspiration I had. So once I'm settled into our new place, which we're in the process of moving into, and I'm able to relax a little, I'm hoping that things with go back to how they were, creativity wise. So I'm sorry for dropping an ominous prologue and then having nothing to follow it for an extended amount of time. Here's to hoping that soon I'll be able to regularly have new chapters submitted.
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